Pronat Industries has been appointed as the Saint Gobain distributor in Israel.

As of the 1st January, Pronat Industries has been appointed as the Saint Gobain distributor in Israel.

The agreement is for their Rulon®  and Meldin® advanced engineering plastics and OmniSeal®OmniLip® and Dynalip® products.

Rulon® composites are ideal for non-lubricated, high-load bearing applications in a
variety of climates and operating environments. They exhibit a high load capacity
similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel, and provide longer wear and
extended operating life without the costs associated with lubrication.

Meldin® series of polyimide thermoplastics materials retain their critical properties over a temperature range from cryogenic through +315°C for continuous operation, and may be used intermittently up to +482°C.  Superior strength and rigidity, combined with self-lubricating properties, provide long, maintenance-free service for critical applications in engines, medical devices, aircraft and aerospace systems, electronic apparatus, and industrial equipment, to name just a few.  

OmniSeal® are high-performance spring-energized polymer seals capable of handling extreme service conditions. 

They are used where ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility and extreme temperature is required.        

OmniLip™ seals can endure hostile environments, unlike elastomer lip seals, but similar to mechanical face seals.

These seals were designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals.  

Dynalip® seals have many PTFE and PTFE blended sealing elements. These PTFE seals can be manufactured at a much lower cost than mechanical face seals.



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